Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Facebook, Timeline and PHA...a banner opportunity

Chanda Causer is PHA's Patient Outreach and Services Manager.  Her team is involved in working with many of our new programs for patients and caregivers (including Generation Hope, PH Plus, Caregivers, Parents of Children with PH and Newly Diagnosed Patients.  They also put together a great many tools for patients and families and manage our e-mail Mentor Program.  And, Chanda manages PHA's social networking strategy...a really important effort to help us create awareness of this disease through Facebook Twitter and other electronic outlets.  As Facebook's new Timeline feature is coming online, we hope you'll use one of PHA's new Timeline templates (produced by Ellie Ganelin and Maya Mandaiker) on your page! Here's what Chanda has to say... 

PHA’s Facebook communication has come a long way. Our Facebook page was launched on October 7, 2009 and made 33 fans by the end of that day.  Over the years, it has provided a space for our PH community to learn, advocate and build relationships. It has served as an essential point of communication for those living with this rare illness across the US and around the world.  Today we have nearly 5,500 fans around the globe. 

PHA is moving to the new Facebook Timeline feature, which will reformat our Facebook layout by creating a new panoramic space for images. As you may know Facebook will transition all users to this new format on March 30.  In preparation for this switch, we’ve created five banner options for our Facebook fans.  We hope that all of our Facebook fans will use the PHA-centered banners to build awareness and spread the message of hope for those living with PH.   

Facebook continues to provide a platform for us to further our mission of providing hope for the pulmonary hypertension community through research, support, education, advocacy and awareness. We are building a well-informed social network. Please visit www.facebook.com/PulmonaryHypertensionAssociation today and share a memorable PHA moment with us...and choose the PHA Timeline template you like best!