Wednesday, November 11, 2009

East Coast, West Coast ping pong...

It's been tough to blog lately.

Last Thursday, I left the American College of Chest Physicians.  It was long days there, starting with Satellite Sessions at 6:00am each day and going through evening meetings that generally went until 9 or 10:00pm.  There was a grerat deal about PH there but little time to blog. 

Northy Carolina was my next stop for the University of North Carolina/Duke PH Symposium on Friday.  Speakers included Dr. Ford from UNC, Dr. Tapson from Duke and Dr. McLaughlin from U of Michigan.  Over 100 physicians attended the standing room only event.  I had a chance to speak to more than 50 patients and then headed out to the airport with a sense that this event will have a long and growing future.

On Saturday, I was at the Second Baltimore Walk for PH which had over 125 registered.  Drs. Hassoun and Girgis were among the speakers and I renewed aquaintances with a lot of families.

Monday was catchup at the  office and today I  just got back to San Francisco where I started a little more than a week ago.  Tomorrow Drs.McLaughlin, Badesch, Bull and myself will be presenting our plans for the second year of our med ed program to two potential sponsors.

It's time to head out for a working dinner, soo I'll sign off.

As always on these trips, I've met so many committed and interesting  people.  It's a disappointment to me that I haven't had the time to tell their stories in this week's blogs.

But getting back to that is my goal.  Let's see how quickly I can make that happen.

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  1. Hey there,

    I think it's great that you are doing so much for the PH community and are able to reach out to so many people around the country.

    It also seems as though the President of the PHA is doing a whistle stop tour of the country!

    It means a lot to us caregivers and patients that you come to our town.

    With much appreciation!