Monday, May 31, 2010

From Mountains to Rivers...

From climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to swimming the Mississipi, people whose lives are touched by PH continue to find amazing ways to help fight against this disease. They are our heroes.

Lil Long' s best friend Nicky Roberts died of PH in 2007.  Lil says they did everything together and now on Sept 4, 2010, the day after the third anniversary of Nicky's death, Lil - who was diagnosed with PH herself shortly after Nicky's death - will swim the Mississippi in her friend's memory.  Both women had been event planners and Lil Long will be using her swim to raisie funds for PHA.  You can help, too.

Here's Lil's interview on WXVT Delta News...


  1. This is so sad but so inspiring. Thanks for sharing her story!

  2. Some people grow stronger in adversity and we are blessed to know so many of them them.