Monday, October 25, 2010

Awareness Month is almost here...

PH Awareness Month is a special time to focus our communities on understanding PH.  It begins next week...and a lot is already happening.

Press is starting to build. Diane Ramirez from North Carolina and Vallerie McLaughlin, M.D. from the University of Michigan had a great joint interview with Dr. Radio (Sirius) from both a patient and physician perspective. It's well worth a listen.  After the interview, Diane also got word that the New York Times would like to interview her for their Patient Voices series.

If you'd like to get your own free Media Guide, Media Action Alerts and other media resources, they're all waiting for you here.

Every year more Members of Congress and their staff members learn about PH at our Congressional Luncheon.  This year it will be on Wednesday. November 17 at noon at the Library of Congress, Members Room, Jefferson Building.  If you're in the Washington, DC area, you're welcome to attend.  If not, we ask you to call your own Member's office and make a personal invitation. PHA has all the information you need  to find your Representative and make an effective connection.

More and more PHA members are involved in creating awareness by inviting their local goverments to issue Awareness Day, Week or Month Proclamantions.  Patients Doug Taylor and Leslie Polss are having so much fun with this they've created a video and cartoon showing how it's done. There's even a model proclamation for you to use as a template.

If you're into social networking, there are special programs available for you.  Blogging Day is November 16.  Find out how you can use your personal story, blog or Facebook page to build Awareness.
November is Awareness Month.  It's a great time to put in a little effort to make a big difference.  We hope you'll take advantage of one of the many choices and how-tos available to let your community know about pulmonary hypertension.  If you do, we all win!

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