Monday, December 13, 2010

A radio pucker..

A lot's been happening internationally...

Last week, Christine Dickler - Associate Director of our International Services program - sent me a link to an interview she did with PHA-UK's radio show (hosted by Paul Pennington) on our participation in their global Pucker Up for PH Campaign.

You can listen to the interview from this link by scrolling down to "Select a Show", clicking on Episode 9 and then segment 4. After the segment starts playing, drag the sound bar to 5:25 for the introduction and, almost a minute later christine's interview.  Phew - a lot of work - but worth it...and you might be interested in the other programming, as well!

The Campaign is counting their worldwide responses now. It will take 40,000 "blue lips kisses" to break the Guiness record and we're all waiting to see the results.  All we know that, led by Puerto Rico, well over 10,000 have been sent in by the U.S....and, whatever happens, this has been a great international partnership to build awareness in PH!

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