Monday, February 28, 2011

We will miss you, Lynda...

John McInnis, a PHA Mentor, wrote to PHA staffer Emma Bonanomi Sunday night with the very sad news of his wife, Lynda Lynda Bériault's passing.  Lynda organized the first Quebec support group and was a founding director of PHA Canada and a dedicated advocate for PH patients in Canada, the U.S. and beyond. She was a friend and we will miss her.

John's note is today's blog...followed by Lynda's appearance (1:45 seconds in) on a video from  our 2006 Conference and a 2004 video in which Lynda and her doctor, David Langleben talk about her/their journey with PH.

Hello Emma,

Last Thursday, my wife, Lynda Bériault passed away quietly during the evening. Lynda was surrounded by all her family and suffered no pain. My son Matthew and I were able to say all we had to before she left and we spent the entire day chatting with her about the wonderful things we did together. Lynda was an accomplished woman to overcame her illness to start the first Quebec PH support group – all on her own. Lynda was also a founding director of PHA Canada and spoke with other PH support groups in Canada, the US and Internationally. She was a champion of PH patients rights, her cherished French language and all those who could not speak for themselves. I know she touched many lives and helped many families during her life as both a teacher and a PH support leader. The stories I will eventually tell all those who are interested, are inspirational and touching, human. She will be greatly missed and I know she is watching over all of her family, friends and the PH community.

John McInnis

Lynda (1 minute 45 sec. in) at PHA's 2006 Conference...

Lynda at PHA's 2004 International Conference with her physician, Dr. David Langleben.


  1. I was at that Conference and remember the enthusiasm, but I do not remember Lynda. Even so I am very impressed with her accomplishments and am sure others will build on them.

  2. Marion Kalbacker, North CarolinaMarch 15, 2011 at 7:38 PM

    I met Lynda at a PPH conference in Georgia back in 1996, I believe, after my sister, Joanne was diagnosed with PPH. She and Lynda both had young sons. They developed an immediate bond that lastest until my sister's death several years later. Lynda has remained my dear friend and inspiration and will remain in my heart always. She was an amazing woman, with an amazing husband and son. She knew how to live!

  3. Lynda was a friend of my mother (who died in year 2000). I found this blog fortuitously and I remembered her. I am impressed that Lynda lived that long with PPH. It's amazing... I wish everyone can do like her. Sorry for my english.