Friday, April 29, 2011

PH Professional Network...another step forward

PH Resource Network was launched as PHA's first medical membership group at the 2000 PHA International Pulmonary Hypertension Conference.  As we went through that first meeting in Chicago, we knew what our greatest hope was for the group.  It was that it would grow as a collaborative center for what we anticipated would be a growing medical field...a field that would develop with strong educational opportunities and effective clinical networking for the benefit of patients.

Has that happened?

Well, since 2000 the number of medical professionals working in the field has grown 60-fold.  PH resource Network has grown from primarily RNs to an increasing number of other allied health professionals, PAs, NPs, pharmacists, respiratory therapists and others.  Well ver 900 members so far!

To recognize the broadening of their membership and the development of programming across the range of professional interests, last month PH Resource Network changed their name to PH Professional Network (PHPN).

Today, they posted four new videos on their website to encourage all allied health professionals in the field.  Here's one...feel free to watch the rest.

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