Wednesday, November 2, 2011

First Media in Awareness Month

I just watched Patty Kaiser's interview on St. Louis TV station KSDK.  Meet Me St Louis host Julie Tristan filmed and edited Patty, using live and archived footage that ranged from the Blue Lips campaign to  2011 PHA Dinner and Wine Tasting Fundraiser coming up on Saturday November 12th. It was a great start to Awareness Month. Watch the Video

After her interview, Patty wrote:
Patty is not alone in getting awareness month going...
Even through I am terrified of sitting in front of a camera and being interviewed, I am so passionate about PH awareness, and getting the message, out that I am willing to "put myself out there" so others may not have to go as long as I did before finally being diagnosed. 
Alex Filipse hit a proclamation trifecta with proclamations from Takoma Park (the city where she lives), Montgomery County (the county where she lives) and Maryland itself (the state where she lives...and proclamations are starting to roll in from around the country.

Gerri Brown suggested...

Here's an idea that we may want to try on PH Awareness day or Month - change your last name to one of your meds.
Now, she's Gerry Viagra-Brown on Facebook and we're seeing the idea move like wildfire through the community, raising questions and curiosity that are giving a great opportunity to talk about PH.
This year's Awareness Month theme - The Power of One - is leading to benefits for many!

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