Monday, May 13, 2013

Insieme si puo!

The Second World PH Day has come and gone and the World PH Day website shows activity has grown immensely from the first event a year ago.

Today, we received a video (below) from PHA Europe that demonstrates nothing is impossible...

On May 5, 2013 - World PH Day - a variation on the flash mob took place in St. Peter's Square.  Italian PH patients and families had encouraged Pope Francis to include words of encouragement to PH patients in his weekly public address and they had received word that he would do so.   As members, families and friends of the two Italian PH associations (AMIP and AIPI) waited for the Pope's words, the group gathered around their PH signs and blew bubbles...they breathed in a very public way.

Congratulations to Vittorio Vivenzio and the other leaders of AMIP (Associazione Malati di Ipertensione Polmonare), including our longtime friends,  Luisa Sciacca della Scala and Maria Pia Proia for what AMIP made possible.

AMIP's slogan INSIEME SI PUO’! means together we can.  They chose those words "because the voice of many patients together can be heard a far distance".

Thank you AMIP for proving the truth of your slogan.  You took PH awareness from the Pope's mouth to ears throughout the world.


  1. Tears to my eyes.

    If I had known bubbles would work, just think how clean Rep Jim Moran's office would have been?

    1. There's always the next time...thanks!

  2. Thank you it was amazing :)
    Our flashmob in St. Peter's Square: a big

    CIAO from ROME
    AMIP Team