Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It begins...

Conference is coming...

Every two years, PHA organizes what has become the largest PH meeting in the world.

While the work begins shortly after the previous meeting ends, the day that Conference registration opens is our official kickoff.

And that kickoff is today!

There's something extra special about this year's kickoff.  It's timed two days after the launch of our totally redesigned and muchly rewritten website.

There's always been a lot to find on the 10,000+ pages of PHA's website.  Now, that sea of information is easier to navigate and, if you use the new registration/logon option, a much more personally tailored experience.

As the first day of registration closes, our first 15 guests have already signed up!  Not a bad start as we move towards our goal of 1,300. Learn more about Conference. Whether you're a patient, caregiver or medical professional, t's a meeting you won't want to miss.

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