Monday, February 8, 2010

Traveling too much...

So, here's a story about nothing much except maybe how frazzled my travel is becoming.

In the last week of January, I made a short trip to San Francisco.  I had a couple of meetings, followed by a talk at a conference.  The schedule went long and my presentation was delayed by about an hour.  When I finished, time for my return flight was tight and I raced back to the airport.

Once at SFO, the airport security line wasn't too bad and I got through in 15 minutes, leaving me 15 minutes before boarding.  As soon as I reassembled myself, I started making calls and looked for gate 85.  Overhead was a sign for gates 75-90 and in front of me was a wall.  Focused on my call, I saw an escalator to my right.  I got on and - halfway down - turned around and saw the wall had opened up just past the escalator.

I turned back and looked down...and saw the security desk.  When I got to the bottom, I saw said to the TSA officer.  "I took the escalator down by mistake.  I was the only one on it and you were watching me.  I didn't pass you.  Can I turn to the right in front of you and go up the stairs?"

"No.  Once you're on the escalator you're out and have to go back through security."

Oh well, I did my double security and made it to the gate in time to be the last person on before they closed the doors.

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