Monday, June 11, 2012

Carl Hicks, an advocacy hero

On Wednesday, June 6 Carl Hicks sat at a long table in front of the Senate Defense Appropriations Subcommittee and told his story and made his request.

A former Army Ranger, Lt. Col. Hicks (Ret.) spoke about his daughter, Meaghan, and her battle with PH.   He has done this many times before, several years ago visiting the offices of over 100 Members of Congress in a two day advocacy marathon.
This time, he was asking the Chair, Senator Inouye and Vice-chair Cochran and the Subcommittee members to once again add PH to the list of diseases impacting military families.  Such a listing will make PH researchers eligible for grant funding from the Department of Defense research fund.  Carl made his request as the Senators looked at him and pictures of his beloved Meaghan.
You can watch Carl’s testimony on the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee website  Drag the time bar beneath the video to just past 33:00 to see Carl
We thank Carl and all our advocacy heroes who are getting to know their own Members of Congress and educating them about PH.  One Member at a time, we can and are making a difference.


  1. Thanks Carl.

    Keep listening past Carl... you get to hear more about other diseases that are closely related to PH, including scleroderma and fibrosis.

  2. Carl made his request as the Senators looked at him and pictures of his beloved Meaghan.

  3. As a Dad of another beautiful young woman who lost her battle with PHA, I am so grateful to Carl for all the advocacy he does for PH patients and their families, and for the way he does it. Thank you, Carl. God bless you!
    Steve White

  4. Carl, you give me hope that we CAN move this mountain. To the cure! Hugs, Joanne