Saturday, June 5, 2010

Quite a surprise...

"What do you know about this?"

Those were the first words I heard when I got back into the office on Monday afternoon following an outside meeting. Our Senior V.P., Adrienne Dern and Finance Director, Patty Scuderi handed me a letter.  Looking at the letterhead, I saw it was from an attorney's office...leading to an immediate "uh-oh" in my head.

As I read, I saw that we had been selected to receive residual funds by three law firms involved in a class action settlement regarding price fixing on the calcium channel blocker, nifedipine.  Before I finished reading, Adrienne and Patty handed me the check...$576,246.64!  My uh-oh turned to amazement.

While we were aware of the drug (it's described in the calcium channel blocker section of PHA's Patient Survival Guide), we had no idea of any lawsuit or that we were being considered to receive residual funds.  This was truly an astonishing moment.

The next day, the Chair of our Development Committee, Dr. Mike McGoon, put in calls to attorneys at each of the involved lawfirms to help us better understand how this had happened and to invite a representative of the firms to attend Conference to see what their decision is helping to buiild.

Mike reported back that the attorneys had researched PHA and determined that we were a well managed organization doing important work that could put the funds to good use.

To receive this sort of recognition and support from people we have never met goes far beyond the surprised happy face at the top of this blog.  It is really quite gratifying.

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