Monday, June 14, 2010

The Run-Up to Conference...

Last week we began the final run-up to Conference And run it is...        

Wednesday started us off on a frantic series of activities. Online registration was scheduled to end (we gave it an extra day) and Doreen led our next to last Conference staff meeting with lots of details and marching orders.  On Thursday, the 10 committee chairs that make up PHA's Conference Committee held their last pre-Conference call.  On Friday, staff packed up everything we're shipping to Conference.  On Saturday, over a dozen staff were in for various projects, most importantly putting together the idividualized Conference packets that each registrant will get.  Also, on Saturday, the Conference program books went on the printing presses and the ScientificSessions book began final review.

The end of online registration is also a marker point for how we're doing with registrations. 

I'd say we're doing pretty darm good for this kind or economy...or any kind of economy.

At close of online registration in 2008 (also two weeks out), we had 1,015 registrants.  This year, we had 1,108 - 93 better.  And, registrations continue to come in briskly by phone and fax.

Congratulations to everyone involved.  It's a great testament to the value of this meeting - and a lot of hard work!

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