Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Taylor and Sarah...

Taylor and Sarah.  Two little girls on different coasts..
On June 5, 2010 the Caffrey family hosted The Race 2 Cure PH - The Taylor Caffrey Memorial 5K Run/Walk in Anaheim Hills. Nearly 600 runners and walkers registered and many more came to show their support..

Shari and Michael had lost Taylor on September 19, 2009 at the age of  4 1/2  She had been diagnosed with PH in 2008.

Taylor - known to her team as as Coach Tay - was undoubtedly the youngest coach in the history of the Canyon Hills Soccer Association, where she participated with her sister, Brooke.

The family has created a website, TaylorsWish.org/, to keep her spirit and inspiration alive.

Yesterday, Michelle Peek called.  I hadn't seen her since I met her and her husband David and their children Sarah and Sarah's little brother, Nathan last October at the New York Walk for PH on Long Island.  I had blogged about Sarah and her family shortly after the event.

Michelle had a question to ask but when she eased into it slowly, I knew there was news.
Did you hear about Sarah?
I hadn't. She told me that Sarah had passed on March 3 at age 7. Another great sadness.  Another reminder that as fast as things are moving, they still don't move fast enough.

Syracuse Online reported on Sarah.  Thie story included Sarah's dream to ride a bike.

At Christmas, her grandparents bought her a three-wheeled bike. In a photo taken Christmas Eve, she’s standing on the pedals, smiling broadly. The straps from her backpack can be seen over her yellow Christmas pajamas.

Michelle told me she is working with their family's church which is organizing an August awareness event in Sarah's memory.  PHA will help with that in whatever ways we are asked.

Our condolences to the Caffrey and Peek families and to all who, despite terrible loss to this disease, continue to help others.  We share your sadness.  We are in awe of your strength and your humanity.

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