Thursday, August 26, 2010

Life has many paths...

Roham Zamanian is a bright and energetic young physician who I've known for the past several years.  When Dr. Ramona Doyle left the Vera Moulton Wall PH Center at Stanford University, Dr. Zamanian was the natural choice to lead the Center's Adult Pulmonary Hypertension Clinical Service.

Today, I got to know Roham in a different way...through his extraordinary life's journey 

From our PH community, I have learned that heroes are defined by the way they handle what life puts in front of them. Roham's quiet and clear sharing of his important story is heroic in my view.

When I asked his permission to share it with you, he wrote back:
I feel that I have arrived at a moment of clarity in my life – that I have found the purpose – and working in the PAH community is just what I was meant for. I’ll be honored for you to share my story.

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