Friday, August 27, 2010

Spirit that drives us forward...

I write a lot about the patients and family members and medical professionals who drive our common cause forward. Today, I'd like to write a few words about our PHA staff...

Early on, our hiring values evolved to include commitment to cause, a demonstrated ability to work in teams and folks who are as bright as we can find them. One of the things I've always appreciated about our staff is their ability and willingness to collapse around a problem and solve it.

Recently, two staff at the supervisory level and one program associate left PHA for personal circumstances that gave us shorter than usual time to prepare. Unfortunately, all three were in the same work area, so it put a lot of pressure on our remaining medical services team.

Not only have various staff been jumping in to fill the gaps but they have been doing so with gusto!

In a great show of spirit, they printed up badges in the picture you see, carrying the message

Medical Services
Special Forces
The Few - The Proud

So, helping Rachel Wheat and Meghan Finney, are Doreen Lucadamo, Amanda Butts, Meghan Tammaro, Suzanne Flood, Carsten Hailey, Patti Lalley, Patty Hunt, Patty Scuderi and Jessica Ritter As the badge says, they and their peers are the Few and the Proud! And we're proud of them and all the good folks here who are doing so much to change the history of this disease.

Many thanks.

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