Friday, August 27, 2010

New name, same great program...

A number of years ago, I heard a story that instantly helped me understand the importance of PHA's Patient to Patient Helpline.

One night, a young woman called 800-748-7274.  She was with her father in the parking lot of her doctor's office.  They had just left the doctor's office where she had been given a diagnosis: pulmonary hypertension.  The doctor told her she had a year to live and gave her a PHA brochure. Devastated, she called the Helpline number listed there. 

The volunteer who picked up the phone was Dorothy Olson.  After listening to the young woman's story, Dorothy said,                   
                 It's not over.  I have been living with this disease for over 25 years.

...and everything changed.

Today, Debbie Castro, PHA's Director of Volunteer Services, asked our staff to start circulating some important news.

Here it is...

PHA’s Patient-to-Patient Support Line is a new name for one of our very first patient services. Formerly known as the “Helpline,” we’ve renamed it to highlight one of the biggest benefits of this service: immediate connection with another patient. Our Support Line volunteers also provide information, like the contact point of a nearby PH clinician or support group, but we really want patients and caregivers to know that a PHriend is always a phone call away.


Need to talk to another patient about anything and there’s no support group nearby or the next meeting is several weeks away? Are you a caregiver that needs information and support? No internet access to our Discussion Boards or online chats? No problem—you can always dial our Support Line to talk to another patient right away.

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