Saturday, September 11, 2010

On the ramp to Awareness Month, part 1...

It's been an exciting Saturday morning...

While I've been at my desk preparing for upcoming meetings in Europe and the U.S., I've also been tracking PH patient Lil Long's heroic swim across the Mississippi in memory of her late friend, Nicky Roberts who lost her own struggle against PH in 2007 (See August 27 and May 31 blogs).

All morning PHA Board Member, Steve White and Actelion's Gareth Gwyn and I have been texting back and forth.  Steve is representing PHA at Lil's swim and Gareth's company has loaned us a film crew to document Lil's amazing feat.

At 10:36am, Gareth e-mailed me the picture on the left.  That's Lil coming out of the Mississippi River after a successful swim and months of preparation and building PH awareness in her region of the country.

This comes 10 days after PH patient Christie Breault's appearance on the Today show. 

As we move toward November and Awareness Month, the question is, "What's next?"

All I know is that whatever the answer, the certain thing is that awareness is the essential first sep toward solutiions and PH is no longer living in a dark corner.  Lil, Christie and all who are building awareness, thank you for bringing the power of one - your own efforts - in partnership with and to the benefit of many.

If you're moved to be a part of building PH awareness, Awareness Month is coming!

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  1. It was an amazing day, indeed. Lil had predicted that the swim would take about an hour. But 27 minutes after pushing off from the Mississippi shore, she was on the Arkansas side feeling tired but triumphant. It was a very emotional moment for all of us who were there.

    This was followed by a party with fried catfish, a wonderful church choir from Jackson, MS, a local blues singer who worked the crowd, and lots of Lil's family and friends.

    What a day of honoring Nicky and all who have, and continue to struggle with PH!

    Thank you, Lil, for your amazing accomplishment!

    Steve White