Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Calling in the chips for awareness...

Today is PH Awareness Month Blog Day...and I can't think of a better awareness story to blog about than what PHA board member Steve White brought to pass this past week. 

Faith Middleton is a Peabody Award winning (twice) broadcast journalist on Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network.  Dialing back to May 21, 1968, she was a student at Eastern Connecticut State College, a year ahead of Steve White.  For an article she was writing, she convinced the freshman to wear a barrel as part of the Eastern State College Dream Boy contest.  The scene was that Steve was disqualified from the contest due to the fish odor in the barrel.  Faith got her story...and Steve banked a favor due.

Forty-two years later, Rev. White found the picture of that interview and wrote to Faith - who he hadn't seen since college.  He opened the letter with,
"You owe me a big favor and I'm writing to call in the chips."
Well, Faith Middleton paid her debt with style and feeling - and in a big way.  Steve spoke about his daughter, Christen, and PH.  Dr. Terrence Trow who heads up the PH Center at Yale and Colleen Brunetti, an organizer of PHA's Generation Hope young patient group were interviewed in depth...and the interview has been posted online, where you can click on the player and hear it now

It's a great interview with a great lesson.  Good things can happen when you make the time to ask.

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