Thursday, November 11, 2010


Time is always my worst enemy...

There's always too much to do and too little time to get it done.

So, ever since our staff had set up a Facebook account for me a few years ago (during an Awareness Month fundraiser), I have been avoiding it religiously.

Today, I got a note telling me that I had "100 friends awaiting your response".

Being of a generation that gets hives when we let things lie - after a 10 minute tutorial from Debbie - I went to the page and started accepting friends.  In reading back messages, I saw the following from Sarah Peek's grandmother, Bonnie Corey
I am Sarah's grandma. I want to write for Pathlight. I always meant to when she was alive and have to now that she has passed. My youngest daughter (Sarah's aunt) is 12. They celebrated their birthdays every year. She did not know how to have a birthday this year. She turned her grief into a BBQ for their birthday where she collected a jar of "Pennies" and collected 588 dollars for PH. I still look up in the sky and sometimes Sarah is there. Hopefully myself, Aunt Emily, and Sarah's grandpa will be able to join Michelle, Dave, and Nathan at this years walk on Long Island. Hope to speak with you soon.
How could I let a note like that go unanswered since September 3? 

I'm moved and I'm sold.  My next step is to talk to Emma - like Debbie, one of PHA's social networking experts - about how I can keep a Facebook presence putting in 15 minutes a day.


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  1. One suggestion I would make is to make friends lists to sort your different groups of friends so you can focus on just a certain group's posts. Oh, and hiding the posts about games.