Friday, November 2, 2012

Awareness Month: Voices from the PH Community (#3)...

Just a few weeks ago, Carl Hicks spent 36 hours in the air for an extended weekend trip to Seoul, Korea.

The new Korean PH association had invited him to help infuse the same spirit of volunteerism that they had seen in PHA into their own new organization.

As an important part of his presentation, Carl had asked Colleen Brunetti, co-founder of PHA's Generation Hope group, to speak on film on what her volunteer involvement means to her.

It is a wonderful statement that was well received in Korea and has value for anyone anywhere interested in fighting back against the disease that has intruded into their lives.  So before PHA places Colleen's video on our website, here it is as an awareness month preview...

This is number 3 in an Awareness Month series on the Empowered by Hope blog.

You can make a difference, too.

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