Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A great way to start the day...

When I was at the Long Island Fun Walk (see Oct. 5 blog), I met the Peek family.  Like the many other kids at the event, their daughter, Sarah, was running all over the place and having a great time.

Late last night, I got a note and some photos from Sarah's mom, Michelle.
...We were so excited to be able to attend the walk this year! We look forward to coming back again! We are so thankful for PHA and our PH specialist Dr. Erika Berman. Sarah was given 6 months or less to live 4 years ago when she was diagnosed. Flolan has been a miracle and she is a joy and is full of life! I know someday we will find a cure!

God bless all of you who make a difference.
There's not much to add to that, except it sure did make it easier to get out of bed this morning.

Oh...and to say, I really loved the family T-shirt.  One Family, One Walk, One Cause, One Cure.  What a great sentiment!

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